About WA Landscapes

WaLandscapes was established by Tom Rogers owner of Wa, a retail shop in Provincetown Ma. The gardens surrounding the shop and the peaceful zen garden inspired many of Tom’s customers to ask if he could create such landscapes on their property. After 19 years, 2014 was the final season of the retail shop so Tom could devote all of his time to his passion of creating serene landscapes. All of his designs have a Asian sensibility.

Tom has a degree in plant and soil sciences from the University of Rhode Island and studied Interior Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. With his horticultural and design background, Tom worked in landscape design through out his many entrepreneurial endeavors. He was the owner of a successful floral design studio in Boston for 15 years prior to opening Wa.

Creating gardens that look as if they have been there for many years is one measure of success Tom uses to ensure the landscape is a complement to the architecture and the natural surroundings. Wa, meaning harmony in Japanese, is the essence of all design in Walandscapes.

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